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Hot Appetizers
Vegetable Pakora $6.95
Potatoes and Cauliflower Pakora.
Lamb Samosa $8.95
3 Pieces. Spiced ground lamb cooked with onions & tomatoes.
Assorted Vegetable Samosa Platter $11.95
Choice of assortment of six samosa.
Spiced Corn Samosa $6.95
Made with delicately spiced corn( 3 pieces).
Alu Tikka $7.95
Delicately spiced mashed potatoes patties deep fried.
Vegetable Pakora $6.95
Batter made of ground lentils with a touch of spice, dipped and fried with potato & cauliflower onions.
Chicken Pakora $7.95
Delicately spiced chicken breasts.
Onion Pakora $6.95
Potatoes and Peas Samosa $6.95
A delicious blend of spiced potatoes and peas.(3 pieces)
Fish Pakora $8.95
Delicately spiced fried fish fritters.

Cold Appetizers
Aloo Chat $6.95
A delicious blend of diced, cooked potatoes fresh tomatoes, and cucumbers marinated in spices.
Bhel Puri $6.95
Crunchy popped rice, lentil, noodles, onions and garbanzo beans mixed with a mint and tamarind sauce.
Chicken Chat $8.95
A bend of gilled chicken breasts, cucumbers, tomatoes in spices.
Papri Chat $6.95
Delicately flavored crispy lentil wafers topped with diced potatoes and a mild sweet sour tamarind sauce.

Soup & Salad
Mulligatawny Soup $5.95
Made from lentils & chicken broth.
Garden Salad $4.95
Tomato Soup $4.95

Tandoori & Grill
Lamb Sheekh Kebab $17.95
Ground lamb blended with delicate spices and grilled on skewers
Chicken Tikka $15.95
Tender pieces of boneless chicken breast marinated in mildly spiced yogurt and grilled on skewers`
Tandoori Chicken $14.95
Marinated in lightly spiced yogurt & grilled.
Tandoori Lamb Chops $22.95
Marinated in lightly spiced yogurt and grilled.
Tandoori Shrimp $19.95
Black tiger shrimp marinated in light exotic spices and grilled.
Fish Tikka Kebab $24.95
Fresh Chilean sea bass, marinated in lightly spices grilled to a perfection and served with grilled onion.
Reshmi Chicken $15.95
Tender pieces of boneless chicken breast marinated in delicate spiced and cream, grilled on skewers.
Mint Chicken Tikka $15.95
Tender pieces of boneless chicken breast marinated in yogurt and mint with a touch of spices grilled on skewers.
Tandoori Mushrooms $11.95
Large Mushroom marinated and grilled on tandoor.
Boti Kebab $18.95
Succulent pieces of lamb, marinated in mild exotic spices and grilled on skewers.

Chicken Curry
Chicken Tikka Masala $15.95
Grilled Chicken Breast Cooked In A Creamy Tomato Sauce With Delicate Spices
Chicken Korma $14.95
Mildly Spiced Chicken Curry Cooked In Cream Curry Sauce
Chicken Mugalai $15.95
Cooked In Delicate Creamy Sauce, Cashew Nut With Savory Hint Of Spice
Karahi Chicken $15.95
Chicken Curry, Bell Peppers, Onions And Tomatoes-Stir Fried.
Tandoori Chicken Makhanwala $15.95
Tandoori Chicken In A Right Tomato And Butter Gravy.
Chicken Sagwala $15.95
Chicken Cooked With Spinach And Cream
Methi Chicken $14.95
In Mild Spices With Fenugreek Greens
Chicken Curry $14.95
Basic Chicken Curry.
Chicken Vindaloo $14.95
Highly Spiced Chicken Curry Cooked With Vinegar And Potatoes.
Nawab Chef Special Chicken $15.95
Minced Chicken Cooked With Cashewnut Gravy & Creamy Sauce

From The Sea
Shrimp Makhanwala $19.95
Shrimp in a rich creamy tomato sauce.
Shrimp Curry $19.95
Shrimp cooked in a exotic curry sauce.
Shrimp Vindaloo $19.95
Heavily spiced shrimp curry cooked with potatoes and vinegar.
Shrimp Chilli Masala $19.95
Shrimp sautéed in exotic spices green peppers, onions & tomatoes.
Shrimp Bhuna $19.95
Tender shrimp cooked in exotic spices with a thick gravy.

Lamb Curry

Curried Entrees with Lamb (Ghost)

Lamb Korma $16.95
Mildly spiced lamb cooked in a creamy curry sauce.
Lamb Vindaloo $16.95
Heavily lamb curry cooked with potatoes vinegar.
Dal Gosht $16.95
Tender spices of lamb cooked with delicately spiced lentils.
Gosht Sagwala $16.95
Succulent pieces of lamb cooked with delicately spiced spinach.
Rogan Josh $16.95
Basic lamb curry cooked in exotic spices.
House Specialty Rara Mutton $16.95
Tender pieces of lamb sautéed with spices, onions, cilantro and tomatoes.
Karahi Gosht $16.95
Stir fried in delicate spice, mild green peppers and onions

For The Vegetarians
Mutter Paneer $13.95
Green Peas and cottage cheese cooked in a mildly spiced sauce.
Navrattan Korma $12.95
Assorted vegetables and cottage cheese squares cooked in a mild siced sauce.
Aloo Gobhi $12.95
Potatoes and cauliflower sautéed in exotic spices.
Mixed Vegetable Curry $13.95
Cooked in mildly spiced.
Dal Makhani $12.95
Lentils cooked in an exotic spicy sauce.
Yellow Dal $12.95
Pureed lentilswith a touch of cilantro, ginger, and mild spices.
Began Bhartha $13.95
Eggplant cooked in tandoor oven and sautéed with light spices, onions and tomatoes.
Bombay Aloo $12.95
Small diced potatoes sautéed with onions and a hint of cumin.
Mushroom Mutter $12.95
Mushroom and green peas in a delicately spiced sauce.
Bhindi Masala $13.95
Cut okara sautéed in mild spices and onions.
Shahi Paneer $13.95
Diced homemade cottage cheese cooked in rich sauce with exotic spices.
Chana Masala $13.95
Garbanzo beans cooked in exotic spices, onions, ginger and tomatoes.
Gobhi Saag $12.95
Cauliflower cooked in creamy spiced spinach.
Shahi Vegetable $13.95
Vegetables cooked in a rich creamy sauce with exotic spices
Methi Alu $13.95
Potatoes lightly spices and sautéed with fenugreek greens.
Aloo Saag $12.95
Potatoes cooked in creamy, mildly spiced spinach.
Vegetable Kofta $13.95
Assorted shredded vegetables croquettes cooked in rich mildly spiced sauce.
Sag Paneer $13.95
Diced homemade cottage cheese cooked in creamy spiced spinach.
House Specialty - Karela $13.95
Curried bitter melon.

Paratha $4.95
Keema Naan $6.50
Naan stuffed with mildly spiced minced lamb.
Spinach Kulcha $6.50
Naan stuffed with onions and spinach.
Onion Kulcha $5.95
Naan stuffed with onions and green peppers.
Paneer Kulcha $6.95
Naan stuffed with Indian cottage cheese.
Poori $4.50
Thin whole wheat bread deep fried.
Alu Paratha $6.50
Naan stuffed with in mildly spiced green peas and potatoes.
Plain Naan $3.95
Soft thin bread baked in Tandoor.
Kabuli Naan $6.50
Naan baked with dates, cherries, coconut, raisins, and cashew nuts.
Gobhi Paratha $6.50
Naan stuffed with in mildly spiced cauliflower.
Garlic Naan $4.50
Naan Baked with a touch of garlic.
Chapati $3.95
A thinly rolled wheat bread baked in tandoor.

Rice Delicacies
Lamb Biriyani $17.95
Succulent pieces of lamb aromatic spices cooked with rice.
Kashmiri Pulao $10.95
Rice cooked in delicates spices with various nuts and dried fruits.
Prawn Biryani $19.95
Tender shrimp, aromatic spices, cooked with rice.
Peas Pulao $5.95
Delicately spiced green peas cooked with rice.
Steamed Basmati Rice $4.95
Vegetable Biriyani $10.95
Assorted vegetables, aromatic spices, cooked with rice.
Chicken Biriyani $15.95
Tender pieces of lamb, aromatic spices, cooked with rice.

Chef'S Recommendations
Achari Tandoori or Curry $20.95
A delicious spicy assortment of marinated chicken and or lamb pieces grilled to perfection in a tandoor oven and served with naan bread.
Achari Lamb Chops $22.95
Lamb chops marinated in exotic achari spices served with naan bread.

Dinner Specials
Vegetarian Thali $24.95
Vegetable samosa, saag paneer, aloo gobi, daal, began bhartha, poories/naan, vegetable Biryani, raita, papad, dessert, tea or coffee.
Mix Grill $29.95
Salad, chicken tikka, boti kabab, Lamb seekh kabab, fish tikka, Tandoori prawn, Tandoori chicken, assortment of Tandoori varieties naan, dessert, tea or coffee.
Nawab Special $40.95
Green salad, vegetable samosa, fish tikka, chicken tikka, Tandoori prawn, lamb seekh kabab, Tandoori chicken, onion kulcha, chicken mughalai, vegetable of day, Kashmiri pulao, dessert, tea or coffee.

Lassi $3.95
Mango Lassi $4.95
Mango Lassi
Drinks $3.95
Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade.
Water Perrier, Evian (250 Ml) $3.95
Orange Juice $3.95
Orange Juice .


Most Indian Desserts are flavored very delicately with saffron or cardamom.

Kulfi $4.95
Saffron flavored ice cream garnished with pistachios.
Mango Kulfi $4.95
A rich mango ice cream.
Kheer $3.95
Rice Cooked in a rice creamy milk sauce with saffron.
Gulab Jamun $4.95
Deep fried round dumplings made of sweet condensed milk powder and flour & soaked in sugar syrup.

Mango Chutney $2.00
Mango Chutney.
Carrot Pickle $2.00
Large Tamarind Chutney $2.00
Large Tamarind Chutney.
Accompaniments Raita $3.50
Yogurt with diced cucumbers in mild spices.
Papadum $2.00
Thin lentil wafers deep fried.
Chicken Tikka Masala Sauce $8.00
Sauce For Chicken Tikka Masala.